Our Wedding

Just over a month ago Tim and I joined our hearts and our families when we got married in a beautiful intimate ceremony.

Getting married

As Tim and I were dating and getting to know each other, it became apparent that he was meant for me, and I for him.  We had both been through incredibly hard trials in our lives, and both come out on the other side stronger, more compassionate people.  We knew what it meant to appreciate the amazing qualities that we each possessed.  We knew that ours was a love that was rare and precious.  With that knowledge we individually went to the Lord in prayer, seeking His Divine guidance on this monumental life decision.  The Lord not only loves us, but He KNOWS us.  He knows our desires, our joys, our sorrows, and He knows what is best for us.  The JOY that our Heavenly Father wants for us is so far above and beyond the happiness that we may try to create for ourselves.  I am humbled and immeasurably grateful to my Father in Heaven for leading me to Tim at a time in both of our lives where we can love and appreciate each other.  My heart is full to overflowing.

Because we had both gone to our Father in Heaven and received our confirmation that we had found the love of our lives so early in our relationship, we then started planning when we would get married.  Would we try to plan it around family?  Wait the uncertain and lengthy time to be sealed in the temple?  We decided on December, family would be around, kids would be on break from school and the uncertainty of when would be taken out of the equation.  Now that we had when, next was where and how.  I wanted to keep the intimate feeling of a temple marriage and so wanted to avoid anything that felt like I was “walking down the isle”.  Tim and I decided that an intimate wedding involving immediate family and a reception following with all our family and friends was the right way for us to do things.  Once that was decided upon I immediately thought “If we are getting married in a small ceremony, why on earth are we waiting until December?!?!”  So we pulled out our calendars.  Our camping trip was next weekend, soccer games were starting up the following weekend, the best date was THIS FRIDAY!  As in, five days away.  We went to our Bishop, told him the news that we had received our answers from Heavenly Father in the afirmative on our decision to get marred, and asked him if he was busy on Friday, we would like him to officiate at our wedding.

The following 5 days were a whirlwind, but as you can see from the pictures below, the end result was beautiful and special.  Thank you to all those who helped make it so wonderful and memorable for us.  We love you all.


















  • Beautiful! I am so happy for you and your cute little family!!! 🙂

  • KristenMacG

    I LOVE the one with you guys kissing right after the ceremony- I don’t know why, but it’s my favorite!

    • Tim

      It was my favorite part!

  • Jeremy Nowland

    We’re so happy for you! I love all the beautiful pictures. And I love how happy everyone looks – kids included! We can’t wait to meet Tim in person 🙂 and spend some time with you guys at Christmas! Oh, and Becky you look absolutely amazing. Beautiful!

  • Nowlandfam

    So fun(ny) to see the rosemary sticking out of the bouquet! It is tradition!

  • Deborah Nowland

    So fun to look at these photos again and see how much the kids have grown in the last year! Beautiful!

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